Proyecto 2009-10

Environmental noise interactive facade

There are environmental phenomena that are far from the experience and knowledge of people. For instance, when we speak of noise pollution and measure noise levels in dB, we don’t have a clear idea of what it means, what are the health issues etc. For people to understand these phenomena they need to become familiar with them. It is necessary to start thinking about information systems, data visualization and the interaction with them that encourage the understanding and contribute to disseminate this knowledge, and make decisions about it.

The noise interactive facade responds to environmental noise level in different frequencies by altering its surface distorting the reflected image. 4 frequencies ranges were chosen in the audible spectrum (0-20khz) and the noise level is mapped to changes in specific sections of the reflective surface.

The data read by the noise sensors is being collected for further analysis, and an on-line information visualization application was developed (will be posted soon) to help people to understand the data, gathering information about it, and take further decisions about the noise reduction in the local environment.

Professors: Hernando Barragán, Felipe Mesa.

Teaching Assistant: Diana Fernández.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image